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Character Does More Than You Think
I'm a huge Peter Drucker fan. I'm a student. Though he has gone to be with the Lord, I still pull down two of his works I hold most dear. They are classics in my mind: The Effective Executive and Managing the Non-profit Organization. I'll get back to Drucker in a moment but first allow me to set up this blog post. ... Read more
Hiring the Right People
If you've been an employer for any length of time, you have been humbled by the task of hiring. I have. When we hire the wrong people, we expose our organization to loss. The wrong person can cost your endeavor thousands of dollars, wound your team moral, negatively impact your customers, create a culture of distrust, and the list of possible grievances only gets darker and more devastating. ... Read more
Keeping Your Head On Straight
Let's face it. It's easy to get angry, cynical, guarded, and stingy in a crooked world. If you don't believe in evil, you can stop reading right now. But if you like to think in a positive, grateful, and proactive way, yet recognize the condition of the world is not quite up to par, continue reading ... Read more