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Character Does More Than You Think
I'm a huge Peter Drucker fan. I'm a student. Though he has gone to be with the Lord, I still pull down two of his works I hold most dear. They are classics in my mind: The Effective Executive and Managing the Non-profit Organization. I'll get back to Drucker in a moment but first allow me to set up this blog post. ... Read more
Why We Don't Achieve Our Goals 3
This piece of the five part series will probably be the least attractive to you because it is not enjoyable to most people. But here's the truth: Top goal achievers have a written plan. That's right. Top achievers do the hard work of writing. Putting pen to paper has a way of improving our thinking. It exposes. It makes exact. It puts you on record. It forces you to slow down. It forces you to accomplish more the first time you try instead of the tenth time. You will be more successful if you embrace this step. Get help if you need it but do not skip this step! ... Read more
Eight Practices Effective Leaders Follow
Every conscientious leader strives to be more effective. I want to get better and so do you. That’s why we work on our approach to leading self and others, not just doing whatever we do. If we mostly work with our head down (doing the work), we often miss the big picture – the effective way of getting things done ... Read more
Practice Number 2: The Action Plan
According to Peter Drucker, the second of eight effective practices of effective leaders is to invest time writing action plans. Writing an action plan is the task that follows answering a most difficult question: “What needs to be done?” which we discussed in the last article. ... Read more
Practice Number One: Ask, "What Needs To Be Done?"
I could not believe what my eyes were reading and my ears hearing. While sitting in a physical and mental posture of learning, I was waiting for my Professor of Record in a doctorate program share the first point of his opening lecture entitled "Becoming the Leaders we Need to Be." ... Read more