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Character Does More Than You Think
I'm a huge Peter Drucker fan. I'm a student. Though he has gone to be with the Lord, I still pull down two of his works I hold most dear. They are classics in my mind: The Effective Executive and Managing the Non-profit Organization. I'll get back to Drucker in a moment but first allow me to set up this blog post. ... Read more
What's the Big Deal about Leadership?
If there were no problems to solve, no one needing help, and perpetual justice - there would be no need for moral and effective leadership. That's not our world. We need leadership that solves problems, works for the good of all, and is willing to personally sacrifice because that's what it takes. ... Read more
I was asked to speak recently to another leadership team asking me to answer the following question, "You speak about alignment often... that's great but how do we get ourselves aligned." ... Read more
3 Responsibilities of A Leader
Let’s face it. Some of us are sick of hearing about the “L” word. But when we stop long enough to ponder it, we all know how important leadership is in our homes, our workplaces, and our communities.  Without it, we flounder ... Read more
Leadership Mistakes to Avoid
I just finished reading a well-written article about how mighty organizations fall. It surprised me how organizational failures parallel our personal lives. It got me thinking and it inspired me to reflect upon the leadership shortcomings of my past ... Read more
Leadership is Learned
John Wooden, the UCLA basketball coach who became an icon of American sports while guiding the Bruins to an unprecedented 10 national championships in the 1960s and ’70s and remained in the spotlight during retirement with his “Pyramid of Success” motivational program, has died. He was 99. (LA Times, June 5, 2010 by Bill Dwyre & David Wharton). ... Read more
The Moral Leader
As we grow older, some of us gain wisdom and humility. Others become bitter and reactive. The fork in the road determining whether we become bitter or better has much to do with how we process the troubles in life and the relationships that did not work out as we might have hoped. ... Read more