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Hiring the Right People
If you've been an employer for any length of time, you have been humbled by the task of hiring. I have. When we hire the wrong people, we expose our organization to loss. The wrong person can cost your endeavor thousands of dollars, wound your team moral, negatively impact your customers, create a culture of distrust, and the list of possible grievances only gets darker and more devastating. ... Read more
Hiring From Within
Applicants have varying levels of self-awareness and lie to themselves (even unintentionally). Those hiring have been burned in the past and now have a heightened awareness but instead of getting educated, they create new experiential principles they hope will protect them from getting hurt again. One such principle is the commitment to hire and promote from within. ... Read more
Leadership Mistakes to Avoid
I just finished reading a well-written article about how mighty organizations fall. It surprised me how organizational failures parallel our personal lives. It got me thinking and it inspired me to reflect upon the leadership shortcomings of my past ... Read more