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Why We Don't Achieve Our Goals
It's been my life's work helping people - athletes, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders - discover their purpose and achieve their goals. That's how God made me. I love to learn, organize, strategize, execute, teach, and win. I call all of this, coaching. I love coaching people who have a zest for life. Even so, achieving our dreams and goals is not as easy as advertised ... Read more
3 Responsibilities of A Leader
Let’s face it. Some of us are sick of hearing about the “L” word. But when we stop long enough to ponder it, we all know how important leadership is in our homes, our workplaces, and our communities.  Without it, we flounder ... Read more
Leadership is Learned
John Wooden, the UCLA basketball coach who became an icon of American sports while guiding the Bruins to an unprecedented 10 national championships in the 1960s and ’70s and remained in the spotlight during retirement with his “Pyramid of Success” motivational program, has died. He was 99. (LA Times, June 5, 2010 by Bill Dwyre & David Wharton). ... Read more