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Participate in a coaching cohort of up to twelve managers/leaders. Groups can be assembled from within your organization (or your team) or you may participate in group made up of leaders from your metro area. This unique group meets for twelve months working through a core process of self-awareness, leading self, leading others, and leading healthy organizations. Each participant will enjoy collaboration and interaction with other members of the cohort as well as Lead Today facilitators and coaches.


This program is designed for the fast-paced environment of leadership. It includes information, assignments, and a personal coach to guide you along the process. The information, assignments, and tools can be immediately applied to your leadership context. This journey will also include interaction and discussion with a small group of leaders. One of the objectives in this journey is to improve your approach to leadership, not to put more work on your plate!

Undoubtedly, some of the material will not be new to you; however, what has been included will prove to be invaluable in your role as a leader.

Participation includes insightful assessments, 9-12 half-day forums over a twelve month period (based upon the scheduling needs of the participants), Lead Today course curriculum, access to Lead Today’s Playbook portal, and certification of completion with satisfactory construction of your personal, professional, or team playbook.


This training goes below the surface of most personality assessments by providing opportunity to understand self and others in a deeper and more effective way. It will help answer important questions about personal performance, motivation, and accountability. It will help participants identify fears and threats that can detour one’s sense of well being and effective leadership. It also uncovers methods that identify and interpret personal values revealing both the location and intensity of motivation. Among other things, it will consider temperament and strengths because these are the engines that pull a person and a team to higher levels of performance and well being.


It’s tough to lead others effectively when we’re not leading ourselves in a healthy direction. All of us have been conditioned to think and behave in certain ways. Self-leadership is the skill of understanding our conditioned self, innate self, and our context of leadership while setting appropriate and achievable goals that benefit both the person and organization.


There truly is a wide gap between the science of management and the art of leadership. In this season of coaching and training, each participant will greatly benefit by creating their own leadership playbook. A leadership playbook is a customized plan that helps each leader think strategically while providing positive and proactive leadership. A well-designed playbook provides direction and builds confidence. It is adjustable according to the constantly changing demands of context. It is a powerful tool of the most effective leaders because it is constructed with the insight of knowing self, leading self, and understanding the needs of both those they lead and the organization.


A healthy organization is above all a learning organization. In this season of training and coaching, the leader will see their team and the organization as a system – a living organism that moves and evolves as a whole. This training will provide a new level of understanding allowing for greater cooperation among leaders and departments. A learning culture is one where every leader recognizes that most organizational performance problems are systemic in nature. As a result, leaders in a learning culture demonstrate a sense of responsibility for the whole instead of an isolated list of personal and departmental assignments. This training provides breakthroughs for most organizational cultures.

Additional Details:

Plus Coaching Group will include a Society Membership during your online Training. Upon completion of your group coaching the price will drop down to $49 to keep access to the Society.

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Jim is a friend to leaders. His heart beats to help leaders grow and change their world. He has the passion, the tools and the expertise to help leaders lead more effectively. I highly recommend him and Lead Today to anyone with the passion to be a greater influence in the world they lead."
~ Doug Osness Enthusist, Speaker, Author, CEO, Realtor

Jim Piper has a keen sense of business - from fresh ideas for growth to implementation of those ideas. He holds me accountable and pushes me to my limits in attempt to help me achieve the goals I have established! It's obvious his desire to help others succeed in their business will raise up excellent leaders in our community!"
~ Jane Gallagher President, Accurate Financial, Inc

Jim is an engaging speaker and leader. He has a unique ability to address difficult issues in ways that are both challenging and encouraging. He is a catalytic leader that brings out the best efforts of those he leads."
~ Dale Flanders


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