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Origin Story

From the desk of Jim Piper, Jr.

I want to share my story with you.

Everyone believes something. I believe your life matters. I believe you were created on purpose. I believe you were made for a purpose. For as long as I can remember, I believed these things. I could not always articulate them in this way but I believed, and still do.

I also believe your organization has a greater purpose than whatever it does to generate revenue. I believe your organization can shape lives for the better. As a leader, you want to be proud of who you are and the work you do but sometimes you wonder if it's worth it, if it really matters.

Piper Family

As a young man, I experimented with different types of work and roles. I enjoyed some more than others but my whole life changed when I began noticing people. I consciously began to question why people chose to do one thing or another. I began to wonder why some choose to behave in one way or another. I've seen some really really bad leaders and I've seen many good ones always wanting to get better. Then I dived deeper. I started examining myself.

I was made to coach. I was made to help leaders and teams win. At Lead Today, we shape leaders and winners.

I started seriously working "on" my life and leadership in my mid-twenties. As a young executive with Bank of America, I began to feed myself healthy information. No one forced it on me or assigned it to me. I was hungry to understand. I did not want to live a life that "happened" to me; I wanted to live a life I was created to live. Sounds cute, I know. For me, this was not simply a first-world thing, it was a realization that I am the steward of my life, not a slave to my circumstances nor what others would choose for me.

Jim and JimWe all have intrinsic value as God's creation. We have innate preferences, values to be discovered and developed. Character and competences to shape for the good of ourselves and those we love and serve. What is the result of this discovery process? We are able to say and explain the meaning for the following phrase... "I was made for this!"

What is your "this"? What is your organization's "this"? The answer is rarely obvious. That's what makes the discovery so exciting. When I found mine, I realized something very special. No matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, and no matter my circumstances, I was made to coach. I was made to help leaders and teams win. At Lead Today, we shape leaders and winners.

We have an impossible goal but it fuels us everyday... our goal is to rid the world of bad leadership. Why? Well, let me put it in a positive manner. Moral and effective leaders are a blessing to this world. They serve and solve problems. They care about people and yes they get excellent results.

I grew up in a home of faith and character. We were not perfect (nor are we today). This blessing does not make us better than anyone else. It makes us responsible. It is our calling to serve leaders. Leaders are our customers. We know your challenges. We know what you feel and experience. I once heard a pastor-leader describe how I (we) at Lead Today feel about serving leaders. It is holy discontent. It is our passion. We often introduce ourselves as advisors and friends to leaders. We provide solid training and coaching but it's the "friendship" leaders least expect as our relationship grows.

It's amazing what can happen when people work together. Almost anything can happen! Below is an old newspaper article from 1994 when four church organizations came together to accomplish a common goal. It wasn't easy but diligent leadership allowed it to happen.

Jim Piper and Family

If you haven't figured it out already, my story of coaching began as a highly dedicated and successful coach in youth athletics, then I began dedicating myself to those who worked with me during my banking years which spilled over into coaching a number of business clients. From there, I began zealously serving as a youth pastor (even though I always approached everything I did as a life and leadership coach). I never planned on leaving the youth ministry but God had other plans as I served as the lead pastor of large church ministries. Even to this day, I enjoy staying in touch with the multitude of people we came to know and love.

It was in my mid-forties when I did the crazy thing. As much as I had enjoyed my work as a banker, youth coach, and a pastor - it was time for me to do what I was made to do. I was made to start my own organization to serve leaders. People who strive to be better are my kind of people. People who want to lead and for the right reasons are my kind of people. People who are trying to solve problems are my kind of people.

Today, we have a leadership development process that has proven to be effective. We are constantly building a community of leaders through our online community. We provide leadership coaching through keynotes, workshops, and coaching groups - virtual or in-person. We love what we do and we would be honored to hear your story.


Lead Today has great insight into the challenges faced by leaders in the corporate world and a desire to come alongside them and encourage them in their role as a leader. They have an uncanny ability to coach, guide and encourage leaders to truly lead by character in the role given to them. They bring several nuggets that leaders can easily grasp onto and put into practice. I have worked with them more than once and would highly recommend them if you or your company is ready to take a step to the next level of leadership."
~ Ramona Gomoll, HR Executive