Shaping character in teams, organizations & individuals

Motivational Speaker

Jim is a fun, intense, and story telling type of communicator. He is a versatile speaker. He enjoys speaking to leaders, young people, and audiences of all kinds and interests.

He is a Shaper of Souls… by connecting the listener’s emotions with their thinking.

Keynote Presentation - But I can run real fast

But I Can Run Real Fast!

In this heart-felt talk, Jim unveils the secret that lies within each one of us. When leaders understand this core truth and apply it with integrity, they will change their world.

Where You Look is Where You’ll Go!

In this humorous yet thought provoking talk, Jim uses a real life example of how vision is not just a popular term in the business world, it truly is a dynamic that changes everything!

Keynote Presentation - 5ft 6in in a 6ft world

5' 6" in a 6' World!

Today many are talking about the “Why?” In this talk Jim explains the importance of connecting our inner "Why" with the "Why" we tell people. This insight provides even more power to communicate your vision to others.

Keynote Presentation - Magic!


People are capable of magical results! Do you know how to bring the magic to life? In this talk, Jim shares the most important principles that bring out the best in others. This talk is great for business leaders, educators, coaches, and parents.

Making a Comeback when Most Give-up!

Falling down is common. Even getting back up is common. But most learn from their mistakes and failures in a way that causes them to shrink back. A “Comeback” is everything but shrinking back. In this talk, listeners will learn the key differences shrinking back and coming back stronger than ever!


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Jim is a friend to leaders. His heart beats to help leaders grow and change their world. He has the passion, the tools and the expertise to help leaders lead more effectively. I highly recommend him and Lead Today to anyone with the passion to be a greater influence in the world they lead."
~ Doug Osness Enthusist, Speaker, Author, CEO, Realtor

Jim Piper has a keen sense of business - from fresh ideas for growth to implementation of those ideas. He holds me accountable and pushes me to my limits in attempt to help me achieve the goals I have established! It's obvious his desire to help others succeed in their business will raise up excellent leaders in our community!"
~ Jane Gallagher President, Accurate Financial, Inc

Jim is an engaging speaker and leader. He has a unique ability to address difficult issues in ways that are both challenging and encouraging. He is a catalytic leader that brings out the best efforts of those he leads."
~ Dale Flanders


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