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What is the Lead Today Society?

We engage every member in a proprietary process of discovery, alignment, and application with the chief aim of increasing one’s likelihood of greater achievement and contribution.

The Lead Today Society is designed for men and women seeking a life of effectiveness, purpose, and virtue.

We help develop member-leaders by bringing clarity to a unique life purpose, meaning, and significance, which enriches every activity along each season of life and work.

We develop effective and virtuous leaders by encouraging the employment of key elements of character within the leadership context. The dynamic tipping point is to align the intersection of one’s strengths and values with the appropriate opportunity.

The members of our unique and growing community design their own leadership playbook, which is a dynamic one-page tool that injects effectiveness, purpose, and virtue in their planning and concrete habits and activities.

We embrace principles and practices from ancient wisdom while carefully applying them in the context of today’s society.

In short, Lead Today is in the business of shaping the character (belief and behavior) of the leaders, teams, and organizations that form our societies.


Ridding the world of bad leadership by shaping character in the lives of leaders, teams, and organizations.


We see Lead Today becoming a premier organization in the development of character based leadership offering one-to-one leadership coaching, development programs and processes, and motivating keynote presentations.



We do more than what is expected. We do things right… and then some because our primary objective is to serve.


We focus on strengths. People are capable of great things and teams are capable of even greater things.


We guide customers through a process of self-awareness, self-leadership, leadership, and organizational health resulting in a dynamic playbook.


As a not-for-profit organization, we seek support (financial, volunteer, networking, resources) from the communities we serve.


Jim Piper, founderWe believe character is virtue in action; it describes the whole of a person or organization.

We believe character can be defined, measured, and developed.

We believe the development of leadership character within the person and organization should be a positive, practical, and profitable process.

The motivation that drives our purpose comes from both positive and negative emotions and experiences. The negative arises from the affects of poor or immoral leadership. The positive arises from the affects, needs, and experiences of moral leadership.

The Foundation Of Lead Today

The framework for Lead Today will be built upon the foundation of a community of leaders who support, live, and promote the purpose and vision of Lead Today. This community will be known as the Lead Today Society. Each member will embrace the Lead Today Charter of principles and practices while financially contributing to the movement and organization. The Society is the internal strength of the organization serving as a network of like-minded leaders, a talent pool for our services, and candidates for advisory board, staff, and director positions.

The Framework

The framework, built upon the foundation of the Lead Today Society will offer three layers of leadership development: Keynote Presentations, Leadership Development Programs, and Executive Coaching.


Jim is a friend to leaders. His heart beats to help leaders grow and change their world. He has the passion, the tools and the expertise to help leaders lead more effectively. I highly recommend him and Lead Today to anyone with the passion to be a greater influence in the world they lead."
~ Doug Osness Enthusist, Speaker, Author, CEO, Realtor

Jim Piper has a keen sense of business - from fresh ideas for growth to implementation of those ideas. He holds me accountable and pushes me to my limits in attempt to help me achieve the goals I have established! It's obvious his desire to help others succeed in their business will raise up excellent leaders in our community!"
~ Jane Gallagher President, Accurate Financial, Inc

Jim is an engaging speaker and leader. He has a unique ability to address difficult issues in ways that are both challenging and encouraging. He is a catalytic leader that brings out the best efforts of those he leads."
~ Dale Flanders


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